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GitHub - tada/pljava: PL/Java is a free add-on module that brings Java™ Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Functions to the PostgreSQL™ backend.
GitHub - postgrespro/pg_pathman: Partitioning tool for PostgreSQL
GitHub - pgbackrest/pgbackrest: Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore
GitHub - yandex/odyssey: Scalable PostgreSQL connection pooler
GitHub - citusdata/pg_cron: Run periodic jobs in PostgreSQL
GitHub - pgaudit/pgaudit: PostgreSQL Audit Extension
GitHub - petere/pguri: uri type for PostgreSQL
GitHub - uptimejp/sql_firewall: SQL Firewall Extension for PostgreSQL
GitHub - ossc-db/pg_bulkload: High speed data loading utility for PostgreSQL
GitHub - ossc-db/pg_rman: Backup and restore management tool for PostgreSQL
GitHub - pramsey/pgsql-postal: PostgreSQL binding for libpostal
GitHub - lfittl/libpg_query: C library for accessing the PostgreSQL parser outside of the server environment
GitHub - postgrespro/pg_variables: Session wide variables for PostgreSQL
GitHub - IggShaman/pg_uservars: PostgreSQL server-side extension - provides user variables local to current connection.
GitHub - pkorobeinikov/postgresql-extension-example: Postgresql's extension examples written most commonly in C.
GitHub - csimsek/pgsql-fio: PostgreSQL File I/O Functions
GitHub - AbdulYadi/pgsocket: send bytes using PostgreSQL user defined function to TCP/IP socket
GitHub - cybertec-postgresql/pg_remote_exec: A PostgreSQL extension for "ssh-over-postgres"
GitHub - pgoracle/pgora-osql: PostgreSQL Procedural Language with Oracle PLSQL Compatibility
GitHub - MasahikoSawada/pg_simula 
GitHub - postgrespro/pg_dtm: Distributed transaction manager
GitHub - Zeleo/pg_natural_sort_order: Implements Natural Sort Order as an ANSI C PostgreSQL extension.
GitHub - thk686/rpg: An R package for reading from and writing to a PostgreSQL database
GitHub - kryskool/PG-RMAN: RMAN for PostgreSQL
GitHub - grahamedgecombe/pgzstd: Postgres module for Zstandard compression/decompression with preset dictionary support
GitHub - acoustid/pg_acoustid: PostgreSQL extension for working with AcoustID fingerprints
GitHub - jmguazzo/pg_empty: Empty Visual Studio 2013 project/solution for developping PostgreSQL extensions.
GitHub - theory/pg-hash64: Generate 64-bit hash integers from PostgreSQL strings
GitHub - tvondra/connection_limits: a PostgreSQL extension that allows you to set quotas on connections (per user, database or IP)
GitHub - stalkerg/pg_stealback: Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL
GitHub - michelp/pgsodium: Postgres extension wrapper around libsodium.
GitHub - asio/password: Postgresql data type for passwords
GitHub - johnkaiser/qzforms: fastcgi + postgresql data entry forms
GitHub - petere/updatable_views: updatable views extension for PostgreSQL
GitHub - nmandery/pg_byteamagic: PostgreSQL extension to determinate the filetypes of bytea BLOBs
GitHub - moritetu/pg_retire: pg_retire is a postgresql extension to cancel the transaction.
GitHub - beargiles/pg-openssl: PostgreSQL extension for cryptographic functions and types provided by OpenSSL.
GitHub - le0pard/pg_web: PostgreSQL extension which provide web interface for database
GitHub - realyota/pg_repl: pg_repl is PostgreSQL database extension for keeping DDL/DCL code consistency between each instance of a database in PostgreSQL cluster.
GitHub - jokLiu/HTTPS_Server: Full HTTP server implementation in C with postgreSQL integration, error handling, TLS, redirection.
GitHub - cybertec-postgresql/pg_remote_exec: A PostgreSQL extension for "ssh-over-postgres"
GitHub - gmr/pg-statsd: pg_statsd is a set of PostgreSQL user-defined functions that provide and interface to statsd.